Top Businesses That Can Use Commercial Vehicle Wrapping

March 15, 2024


Commercial vehicle wrapping is a marketing technique that involves covering a vehicle with vinyl material that displays a company’s logo, name, slogan, or other information. It is a cost-effective and eye-catching way to promote a business and reach potential customers with the help of an attractive wrap designed by a wrapping company.

According to a study by 3M, a wrapped vehicle can generate up to 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day.

But which businesses can benefit the most from commercial vehicle wrapping?

Here are some examples of industries that can use this strategy to boost their brand awareness and sales.

Delivery Services

Delivery services are one of the most obvious candidates for commercial vehicle wrapping. Whether it is food, groceries, flowers, or parcels, delivery services can use their vehicles as moving billboards that advertise their products and services.

They can also include contact details, such as phone numbers, websites, or social media handles, to encourage customers to place orders or follow them online. For example, Pizza Hut Canada has wrapped some of its delivery cars with images of pizza slices and the slogan “No one out pizzas the Hut”.

Home Services

Home services, such as plumbing, roofing, landscaping, cleaning, or painting, can also benefit from commercial vehicle wrapping. These businesses can showcase their work and expertise by displaying before-and-after photos, testimonials, or awards on their vehicles.

They can also create a professional and trustworthy image by using consistent branding and colours. For example, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, a Canadian franchise, has wrapped its vans with its logo, phone number, website, and the tagline “There’s a reason they call us Mr.”.

Health and Wellness Services

Health and wellness services, such as dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, or fitness trainers, can use commercial vehicle wrapping to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

They can highlight their unique selling points, such as special offers, flexible hours, or free consultations, on their vehicles. They can also use images and colours that convey a sense of health, happiness, and relaxation. For example, Smile Zone, a dental clinic in Calgary, has wrapped its car with its logo, phone number, website, and the slogan “We make you smile.”

Pet Services

Pet services, such as groomers, walkers, sitters, or trainers, can use commercial vehicle wrapping to appeal to pet owners and animal lovers. They can use cute and catchy images and phrases that showcase their love and care for pets. Many areas have small pet clinics, and such small businesses can greatly benefit from car wrapping.

They can also include information about their services, prices, or certifications to demonstrate their value and quality. For example, Dogtopia, a dog daycare and spa chain, has wrapped its vans with its logo, phone number, website, and the motto “The most exciting day ever.”

Catering Services

Catering services, such as restaurants, cafes, bakeries, or food trucks, can use commercial vehicle wrapping to tempt customers with mouth-watering images and descriptions of their food and beverages.

They can also include information about their menus, locations, or catering options to entice customers to visit them or hire them for events. For example, Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee chain, has wrapped its trucks with its logo, phone number, website, and the phrase “Always fresh.”

Education Services

Education services, such as schools, colleges, universities, or tutoring centers, can use commercial vehicle wrapping to showcase their academic programs, courses, or achievements.

They can also use their vehicles as a way to recruit new students, staff, or donors by highlighting their benefits, values, or opportunities. For example, the University of Toronto, a Canadian public research university, has wrapped its buses with its logo, website, and the slogan “Boundless.”

Travel Services

Travel services, such as travel agencies, hotels, airlines, or car rentals, can use commercial vehicle wrapping to inspire customers to explore new destinations and experiences.

They can use stunning and scenic images and words that evoke a sense of adventure and curiosity. They can also include information about their packages, deals, or reviews, to persuade customers to book with them or contact them for more information. For example, Air Canada, a Canadian airline, has wrapped its planes with its logo, website, and the tagline “Fly the flag.”

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