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Nano Coating

Nano-coating is a technology used to add extra strength and bond to the auto glass. Nano-coating makes the glass surface smooth and can repel most foreign substances. You can feel its benefits in situations like when facing rain, sleet, snow, and even frost.

Nano-coating is the latest technological advancement toward safe driving. Imagine being able to have long drives during a rainstorm without having to fear that the windshield will distort your vision by blurring and retaining the polluted water droplets. This is made possible when you get nano-coating done by our expert technicians at infinity glass.

The Benefits Of Nano-Coating A Windshield

  • Makes cleaning bug and bird droppings easier
  • Enhances the driver’s line of visibility
  • Makes an old vulnerable windshield last longer
  • IImproves night vision
  • Extremely durable and offers more than 100 windshield wiper runs
  • Wipes off frost

Signs You Need A Recoating

Nano-coating is durable and last even longer when you get it done by the most reliable auto glass contractors in Calgary like Infinity Glass. However, you might sometimes need to recoat your windshield to make it better. Some signs include:

  • Frost formation
  • Water stays on the windshield
  • Tree sap, bird droppings, and bugs no longer come off easily.

Why Choose Us?

Unmatched Auto Glass Expertise

Our team possesses the skills and knowledgerequired to handle all your auto glass needs,whether a windshield repair and replacement ora side glass replacement.

Premium-Quality Materials and Tools

We utilize only the finest quality materials, state ofthe-art tools, and techniques to guarantee thatyour vehicle is serviced to the highest standards atcompetitive prices.

Effortless Insurance Claims

We collaborate with all major insurance companiesto assist our clients with their claims, streamliningthe process to make it as effortless and troublefree as possible.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship,so you can trust that your auto glass is installed tothe highest standards.

Mobile Services

We understand that it can be inconvenient to bringyour car to us, which is why we offer mobile servicesto replace your windshield wherever you are.

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